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Seen near Penn Quarter in Washington DC.

"Destroy the idea that men should respect women because we are their daughters, mothers, and sisters. Reinforce the idea that men should respect women because we are people."


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Can you just cut the Yoda crap and tell me what’s happening to me?!


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How to Clean your Makeup Brushes


Brushes are one of the most important steps in makeup application, there’s no point having expensive makeup and horrible brushes. With the right brushes every makeup application can look great.

The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver for Makeup Brushes

For brush cleaning I HIGHLY recommend the Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver, which is designed for art brushes, but works fabulously for makeup brushes. It’s super gentle on the bristles, but removes EVERYTHING and leaves your brushes feeling super soft and smelling great. There’s a reason so many makeup artists love it. 

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"The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried."

- Stephen McCranie 

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