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the killing + you can’t put a price on wisdom

  • some things you can’t fix. maybe they just stay broke.
  • if the truth hurts, you ain’t living right.
  • sometimes i think you just run away just so someone will come looking for you. staying put is a kind of running away.
  • empathy can poison your brain. it’s like elephants. i mean, they mourn their dead. go nuts over them.
  • bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are.
  • just the wrong place at the wrong time. sometimes it just comes down to that, i guess. just the randomness.
  • sometimes what you get isn’t really what you want.
  • sometimes the ones who hide are the ones who want to be found the most.
  • it’s a measure of a person’s life, i think, those who come see you in the end.
  • it’s the loneliest thing in the world, waiting to be found.

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I want this tattooed on my lower back

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Last week of filming for season 4 of #TheKilling

That’s a wrap for Gregg Henry as Carl Reddick for season 4 of The Killing. Joel Kinnaman photobombed his selfie!

"There’s nothing so dangerous as a headstrong girl who knows her own mind."

- Mary Yellan | Jamaica Inn 

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